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funeral live streaming in Tunbridge Wells Cemetery & Chapel

Our Live Streaming Option For The Cemetery Chapel At Royal Tunbridge Wells Kent & Sussex Crematorium

The Cemetery Chapel is one of two beautiful locations to hold a funeral service at Tunbridge Wells Cemetery & Crematorium.

If you have enquired about the use of the Cemetery Chapel you will probably have been informed that there is no live streaming available. Most council run crematorium sites use a company called Obitus to provide an inbuilt live stream service however this is only available in the Crematorium Chapel.

There is a solution to this however - we can provide a high quality live stream at the Cemetery Chapel for a special price of £349 for this location only. This includes one camera high definition coverage from the rear and high quality digital audio. Please see the example below for an excerpt of some recent services to see and the hear the level of quality we achieve :

The stream is viewable worldwide and with unlimited viewers - it can even be viewed again up to 30 days after the service

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