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Live Streaming A Funeral - A Little Odd Or The Future?

Most of us have been to at least one funeral in our lifetime and everyone knows how to dress and behave and normally what to expect.

When it comes to live streaming a funeral people have lots of questions as it's not the norm.

As a company we have found that funeral live streaming is being demanded by a cross section of society.

Watching a funeral online is about bearing witness to and celebrating that persons life. We often have people asking questions about what they should do so have prepared these answers.

Can anyone watch a live-streamed funeral?

Yes but it's not normally shown on an open public platform for everyone, unless the family want this. We create a hidden webpage which can also be password protected. On this page we can share the order of service, an image gallery of the loved one and any other info that the family or friends may like to share with the viewer.

Do I still need to dress formally to watch it?

There is no dress code for bearing witness at a live-streamed funeral but dressing more formally help you to feel like you’re a part of the service even if you are watching on the other side of the world. The decision is down to what feels appropriate to you after all no one can see you if you watch at home!

What normally happens on the day?

Normally we start streaming when the doors to the venue open. We are very sensitive to the wishes of the family and other mourners so we tend to film at the back of the church so most faces are hidden but we can be placed closer to the front if required.

We capture the eulogy and any speeches as well as hymns or songs that may be sung. The broadcast normally ends when then the family or friends leave the venue.

Can I be involved remotely on the day?

If the family or loved ones would like to include your messages then yes you can. This could be done in advance with an email to them for them to read out or if they want to embrace a more instant way of delivering messages then you could text or message them during the service for a message at the end. It's all about their wishes.

If there are hymns, songs or prayers you can of course join in where you are watching.

Could live streamed funerals be the future?

Flying people across the world or even travelling within the UK can be very costly and time consuming. Live streaming in general saves money and time and is a very viable way to attend an event remotely but in this instance we feel it should never replace attending a funeral in person if possible.

Technology has changed so much over the years making live streaming a funeral in high quality a really affordable option for many people and we expect to see more and more demand over the next few years.

It's still a bit odd though isn't it?

People have been watching services on television from royal weddings to royal funerals for over 100 years.

Many tune in every November to watch the Remembrance Sunday service, how is this any different?

Pope John Paul II’s funeral Mass was broadcast by 137 television networks in 81 countries around the world.

If we are considering streaming our loved ones service what do we do next?

Have a read of our funeral live streaming page here.

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