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Funeral Live Streaming - Connecting Families.

This week we've streamed three funerals in three counties to hundreds.

Our funeral live streaming service is connecting families who are unable to attend due to the strict covid-19 restrictions.

Physical funeral attendees are currently limited to 30 people but we've seen over over 100 people viewing each funeral. This week alone we have had remote viewers in countries as far away as Africa.

For each funeral we create a private web page where the broadcast can be viewed along with the order of service and any special messages from the family. See an example of this here.

All our team are experienced in live broadcasting with many working in TV regularly. We broadcast the funeral using a bonded encoder which connects five 4G sim cards ensuring maximum reliability and redundancy. Read more about this here.

"The livestream was beyond my imagining. Your organisation and helpfulness made everything straightforward. The video is fantastic, and the recorded music came over really well" - Sue

If you would like to talk to us about live streaming a funeral please do visit this page and contact us.

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