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How our funeral live streaming service differs from a crematorium's offering

Many crematoriums now offer live streaming, some for as little as £32 per ceremony but how does our service differ?

What They Offer

The majority of crematorium live streaming services use a fixed camera mounted on the wall. in many cases this has a fixed lens meaning the shot is also fixed. these cameras generally have a very small sensor in them and are close to those used for CCTV.

From our experience they're also set to fully auto including the audio and often not even broadcast in HD, in fact some are only streamed at mobile phone quality.

What does this mean, we hear you ask? - Well basically you will be lucky to identify individuals speaking as the the shot is so far away. The lighting can vary massively and in some examples we have seen the sun has come out washing out the image and making it all white. If there is someone speaking very softly the mics often don't pick them up properly or at all.

The fixed shot cannot pick up any specific detail.

What We Offer

We offer a completely operated service. This means our camera operator sensitively zooms in and out following the coffin and speakers. The shots are all HD and nice and sharp. We use full size broadcast cameras with decent zoom lenses. The audio levels are adjusted throughout to ensure the viewer gets the best experience.

We broadcast using multiple 4G connections that we supply so if the venues connection drops we stay on air. Our camera operators use the same cameras for regular TV work.

There is obviously a massive cost difference between our service and theirs.

What sort of final memory do you want the viewers watching to have of the funeral and your loved one?

We would suggest you ask to see some examples of the crematorium's live streaming service. You can see ours here.

If we can be of service please contact us.

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